In our daily life, arts play important roles in expressing our moods base on events and time, while at the same, it adds additional meanings to what we are missing. Students can use arts for a lot of purposes such as painting, music, or dances.

Programme Highlight

– Students will able to express themselves and their feelings in many forms, especially creative arts.
– Students can use their body languages to depict their ideas and skills rather than speaking or writing them out.
– Students will able to get their choose in dances or music. They can express themselves and relax in either of them.
– Students can choose to do traditional or modern dances or music (guitar or piano). Or they can choose to participate in both.

Sub- Programmes:

– Dances (Traditional and Hip Hop)
– Music (Guitar and Piano)

– Experienced teachers in both Dance and Music Classes
– Hand-on experiences and practices
– Events

– To express themselves through the dancing moves or the notes of their music
– To understand and write their own story art forms
– To find relaxation and loves
– To learn about the variety of art forms
– To see the different of art forms through interactions in dances and music