China is the second-biggest market in the world, where its language is demanding in order to catch up with the expansion and growth of the world market. Obtaining this language is a practical way to build up a lot of potentials in businesses besides learning its enriched cultures.

Programme Highlight

1. Students in this programme will learn to develop another language skill.
Mandarin Chinese is one of the languages used worldwide in business and foreign
2. Students will be more confident if they can speak more than three languages perfectly.

3. Students will be able to communicate with a lot of people especially investors, businessmen, and other foreign affairs who are speak Chinese.

-Offered in every class from Year 1-Year 8

– Professional Chinese Teachers
– Conversation and writing
– Interactive games

– To read and write in Mandarin Chinese
– To converse in Chinese with foreigners for business, study, and traveling purposes
– To understand Chinese culture to its root
– To adapt another tongue rolling and twister
– To adapt new language skills in helping them research and understand Chine traditions and the world