Students age from 3 to 6 years old are getting to develop and improve their fundamental background and foundations of languages in different subjects such as Maths, Science, Literacy, Phonics, and more. Here students get to express themselves through play-teaching and creative games.

Programme Highlight

1. This programme is starting with students as young as three-years old, and their rides in this programme when they are six years old.
2. It is the fundamental programme that determine whether the students have the ability to thrive in the next level especially this is their second language.
3. Kids start to learn by matching their sensory details with their educators to what they learned.
4. Students have a shorter time span in paying attention to what they learn so they will be required a lot of play time along with their studies.
They requires a lot of hand-on experiences, tracing, and colouring.
5. This is the time where students get to pick up with their confidences and creativity along with skills for Key Stage 1.

1. Preschool
2. Kindergarten
3. Reception

1. Alphabet letters, sounds, and recognition
2. A lot interactions with their hands and the environment
3. Toys and play times

1. Build relationship with adults and their peers
2. Take responsibility in their studies, faults, and living habits
3. Build up confidences in confronting adults and their peers when running into troubles
4. Learn how to share and step back during their play times
5. Introduce different skill sets to become a responsible teenagers
6. Bring out their creativity and intelligence in applying what they learn to get them to Key Stage 1