For these two stages, students are getting to experience actual subject books such as English Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Phonics/Grammar, and Chinese.

Programme Highlight

1. This programme is the main transition for students to use their skills harvest from EYFS. This is when people can recognise
whether the students are coming from the a strong backgrounds or not.
2. This is the essential stage in either to help students determine whether they will struggle or excel in their next stage.
3. Students here will be introduced to real subject classes and less play time.
4. Students will also starting introduce to the third language like Chinese not just English.

Key Stage 1
1. Year 1
2. Year 2

Key Stage 2
1. Year 3
2. Year 4
3. Year 5
4. Year 6

1. Subject Textbooks
2. Both in teacher and student centered learning
3. Indoor and outdoor classroom facilitated by the teachers
4. Hand-on experiences

1. To experience the differences of subject classes rather than play time.
2. To develop new skills in managing their times and learning abilities in all six subjects such as
English Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Phonics, and Chinese.
3. To take responsibility in completing their works in both programmes.
4. To build and instil discipline, morality, and quality in themselves.
5. To create strong fundamental skills for Key Stage 3.