2015 is when Go Global School begins its history in education to create more world resources in Siem Reap while setting goals to do the same to a lot more places. We are on a mission with a vision to give the opportunity to students around us to shine with their ability and strengths for their society and community uses. If you want to know more about our school and history, please come and visit us at our campus.


Go Global School was founded by a group of educational specialists in early 2015. They hope to educate children of Siem Reap to become compassionate and inquisitive members of the society through Go Global School curriculums. (I figure it is best to have a writing from BOD on why they choose to build the school. Why 2015, not before and after? Why British English? Why name Go Global School? Why this campus?…..etc)

The Board of Directors after their first Go Global School meeting

To educate Cambodian future generations to become international human resources.


To provide comprehensive general knowledge to our children.


We are opening from 7:30-5:00 pm every day from Monday to Saturday. If you are interested to learn more about what we have to offer, do not forget to give us a visit. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Until then, have a great time.