Khmer Programme is organized following the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports Curriculum.

To develop and adopt children to an environment besides the one with their parents…

To introduce students to subject books and expand their knowledge according to their…

This is the next milestone and final for grade school students. In this, students get to…

Foreign language PROGRAMME

This programme is following the National British Curriculum by using Oxford University Press coursebooks. Right now, there are four study programmes that are hosted in this programme such as Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, 2, &3. In this programme, students get to experience different learning techniques from their teachers, while also get to do hands-on experiences through field trips.

Students age from 3 to 6 years old are getting to develop and improve their…

For these two stages, students are getting to experience actual subject books…

Here students are still focusing on their six main subjects, but students get to …


This hosts a while ranges of different skills besides school curriculums, where students get to pick and furnish their hobbies and interests in General English, Chinese, Arts(Music & Dance), and Computers. These are the skills that they need to interact and entertain themselves and others in informal and formal events in the future.

To reduce difficulties in communication between local and international visitors…

China is the second-biggest market in the world, where its language is demanding …

In our daily life, arts play important roles in expressing our moods base on…

Cambodia is a developing country, where a lot of industries are growing and…

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester of 2020

02 November

First Day od New Acadarmic Year 2020-2021

18-20 January

Trimester 1 Examination (Foreign Language Programme)

31 January

Trimester 1 Ends (Foreign Language Programme)

31 February

Trimester 2 Starts (Foreign Language Programme)

7 February

First Parents & Teachers Meeting

09-12 March

Semester 1 Examination (Primary School, Khmer Programme)

Students Services

To help students to strengthen their academic performances and transitions in classes, the school offers the following services: 

Student Activity/ Involvement

Students get to experience real-life examples through field trips, events, and different activities offered both within the school and outside. Students will also have more time to furnish their friendship and create new relationships with people that they are interacting with through different merging activities on trips and events. 

Field Trips
Student Clubs
School Events