Cambodia is a developing country, where a lot of industries are growing and those are also including technology. To improve the standards in technology, students have to start and work with basic computer skills.

Programme Highlight

– Students will be able to graduate with a promising in computer skills to perform in their educations or workplace.
– The world is moving toward technological world, where working and studying require technological skills. Students will have skillset in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
– Not only that, students will be gaining a lot of skills such confidence and leadership besides computer skills from the classes.

Sub- Programmes:

– Basic Computer Skill
– Design

– Teachers who obtained Information Technology Bachelor Degree
– Hand-on experiences in typing, executing, and designing
– Presentations
– Real examples from qualified teachers

– To adapt professional skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
– To use these skills in their workplace and their studies
– To learn and lead in computer basic skills
– To design and express themselves by using technological tools and ideas
– To research and compose different documentation besides pens and pencils
– To adapt computer language