Early Childhood Education is focusing on educating children from age of 0 to 6 years old. This education stage is focusing on play-study environment in the absences of their families. Children at this age have high mental development and growth.

Programme Highlight

1. This programme is newly introduced to our Khmer Programme curriculum in 2019-2020 Academic Year.
It has two main sub-programmes such as Early Childhood Development and Supports and Kindergartens.
2. Students to know school as young as 6-months old in daycare up until they can learn how to read and write alphabets.
They learn how to live and thrive independently in an environment without their parents.
3. It is the fundamental programme that prepares students to get ready for primary school. Strong built-ups from this programme will
create strong and willing children in education.

1.Early Childhood Development and Support
a. Cre`che
b. Nursery

2. Kindergarten
a. Lower Kindergarten
b. Middle Kindergarten
c. Higher Kindergarten

– Indoor and Outdoor Play Activities
– Acting out each alphabet by their teachers and TAS
– Hand-on experiences in seeing and practising how each alphabet written, used for, and sounded like

– Be responsible in their daily habits like drinking their milk, eating by themselves, and asking for helping in their daily habits
– Maintain a healthy sleeping, playing, and learning circle
– To speak up for what they want in a polite way
– To begin learning their alphabets visually, verbally, and written
– To get started on their first 10 fundamental numbers