Faculty & Staff

Go Global School operates a Khmer Language Program and a Foreign Language Program. Khmer language teachers follow the Cambodian National Curriculum, and are qualified and experienced educators. Foreign language teachers follow the British National Curriculum. All courses are held solely in English. Teachers are qualified and experienced educators who are native English speakers.

Foreign Language Program Staff

Mr. Terry Wilkinson

Nationality: British Position: Foreign Language Programme Director Worked in Cambodia since 2012 Qualifications: TEFL, Diploma in Training Management

Ms. Siobhan (Shiv) Frey

Nationality: British Class: Assistant Foreign Language Programme Director, Kinderarten B Worked in Cambodia since 2014 Qualifications: BSC with Honours

Francis (Frank) Rozon

Nationality: Canadian Class: Year 3 Worked in Cambodia since 2016 Qualifications: High School Diploma, TEFL

Joseph (Joe) Hipkin

Nationality: British Class: Year 2 Worked in Cambodia since 2016 Qualifications: TEFL/TESOL, BA Honours Degree

Jason Payne

Nationality: British Class: Reception A Worked in Cambodia since 2015 Qualifications: TEFL

John O’Leary

Nationality: British Class: Reception B Worked in Cambodia since 2016 Qualifications: TEFL

Khmer Language Program Staff

IMG_5782 copy

Ms. Leak Malay

Nationality: KHR Position: Khmer Language Programme Director Qualifications: Certificate of pedagogy 1998 Experience: 18 years IMG_5781 copy

Ms. Eng Dora

Nationality: KHR Class: Year 4 Qualifications: Secondary Education Teaching Degree 2006 Experience: 10 years IMG_5813 copy

Ms. Vang Sothy

Nationality: KHR Class: Year 1 Qualifications: Primary Education Teaching Degree 2007 Experience: 9 years IMG_5791 copy

Ms. Vang Kimpoun

Nationality: KHR Class: Year 5 Qualifications: Primary Education Teaching Degree 2001, Higher Education Teaching Degree 2014 Experience: 15 years