General English Programme

The GEP Programme has classes for both Adult learners and Young Learners. It is suitable for students who are looking to improve their English skills through part-time studies.


All courses are aimed at improving student’s skills in the 5 main areas of English study:

• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening
• Grammar

Young Learners classes follow the Course books for Cambridge Young Learners English Test:

• Ready to Start
• Ready to Walk
• Ready to Run
• Ready to Jump
• Ready to Fly
• Ready to Fly High

Adult learners follow the British, MacMillan, Beyond series of books. The Beyond books help students to learn vocabulary suitable to real life situations and also improve their General Knowledge.


There are twelve levels in each of the Adult and Young Learner curriculum. Each level is covered in one three month study term. Each book covers two complete levels and on successful completion of a book students are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

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