To reduce difficulties in communication between local and international visitors, and at the same time, it helps to search and understand different aspects of different cultures without the limitations of language.

Programme Highlight

1. Students will be exposed and refined themselves to English Language
through Native English and Khmer teachers.
2. Students will be able to use their English Language skills with their friends,
businesses, and communicate with other English speakers.
3. They are not going to gain English skills, but they will be able to refine their speaking,
leadership, and group work abilities.

1. Beginner
2. Young Learner
3. Adult Learner

1. ESL Textbooks
2. Native English and Khmer teachers
3. Teacher and Student Centred teaching style
4. Indoor and Outdoor activities/teaching
5. Peers

1. To learn how to refine and create skills set in English Language as a Second Language speaker.
2. To be able to use language skills in communcating and doing business with English speakers.
3. To improve their language skills while sharpen their skills in leadership, presentation, and confident.
4. To confront and take up responsibility in their studies, especially to the odd times of the study.
5. To improve their knowledge and open up opportunities for their future goals.
6. To build and bring out their confidences in speaking another language.