Khlok Thavan

Head of Administrative Office

     Mr. Khlok Thavan is the Head of Administrative Office at Go Global School, where he got promoted in 2020. He first started at Go Global School in 2016 as a Public Relation person, Receptionist in 2018, and Human Resources Officer in 2019 until he got promoted to work as the Head of Administrative Office. In this position, Thavan oversees a lot of facilities such as security, cleanliness, health, formal events, professional documentation, policies of human resources, and more.

Prior to his experiences at Go Global School, he used to work as the Credit Officer at Khmer Credit in 2015.

     In 2019, he had completed his Management in Human Resources, and in 2017, he obtained his certificate from General English Course at ACE. Thavan is currently holding a Bachelor Degree of Management and Entrepreneurship from Build Bright University, Class of 2016. He graduated with His High School Diploma from 10 January 1979 High School in Siem Reap.

     Thavan is the second child of 3 siblings in a family of 5. He was born and raised in Krolanh, Siem Reap, where most of his family are residing now but he, himself, is currently living in Siem Reap city.