Mao Sodany

Head of Financial Office

     Miss Mao Sodany is the Head of Financial Office at Go Global School. She first started as a School Accountant in 2015 and makes her way up to get promoted to be the Head of Financial Office in 2020. She manages all the transactions, develops the budget plans, and prepare financial reports, simply she is the person that stands behind the school growth since 2015.

     Previously to her experience at Go Global School, Sodany used to intern at Khmer Credit and Dy Nyka Guesthouse in 2014 and 2015.

     Currently, Sodany holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance from Build Bright University since 2016, Certificate of Principle Accounting I from Washington School, and Certificate of Fundamental Accounting. She successfully graduated with her High School Diploma from Hun Sen Wat Svay High School in 2012.

     Sodany was born and raised in Battambang as the youngest of the family of 8 siblings. Right now, her family and her are residing in Siem Reap.