To introduce students to subject books and expand their knowledge according to their living environments. Get hands-on experiences by exploring places and objects around them through field trips.
There are two main stages in this education such as Lower Primary Education (Garde 1 -3) and Upper Primary Education (Grade 4-6).

Programme Highlight

1. Grade 1 is the fundamental transition from Early Childhood Education, and it is initial fuel to light up each student to their furthest future.
Strong skills are planting from here.
2. This programme is the essential ticket for students to enter a lot of places.
3. Classes are categorised into subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, and Literacy, while there are a few supporting classes to help shape and give students
creativities, responsibilties, and healthy lifestyle.
4. Secondary School is their next stop after students completed their primary ticket.

1. Lower Primary School
a. Grade 1
b. Grade 2
c. Grade 3

2. Upper Primary School:
a. Grade 4
b. Grade 5
c. Grade 6

– lectures are done in both teacher centered and student centered

– textbooks

– problem solving

-field trips

– To start putting themselves into working and practising real world problems in literacy and mathematic aspects

-To manage their time and response in preparing themselves for classes

– To be responsible and brave in confronting their peers and teachers for their facing problems

– To seek for help

– To work individually and in group in school projects and class discussion

РTo gradually build their own confidences in solving problems without reasonings