Ungleak Swahap

Deputy of Foreign Language Programme

 Mr. Ungleak Swahap has been working at Go Global School since 2015, and now, he is the Deputy of the Foreign Language Programme after his promotion in 2020. With his current position, Swahap oversees the whole process in giving and receiving education within the Foreign Language Programme, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 3, according to the British National Curriculum. He has worked his way up from the Foreign Language Programme Director’s Assistant in 2015 with a couple changes to earn himself this position.
 Swahap is a candidate of Educational Science Master Degree at the Royal Academy of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, and it is scheduled to be done in 2022. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree of International Relations from Institute of Foreign Languages in 2014 and GEP Outstanding Certificate Award from ACE in 2012. In 2009, he successfully graduated with his High School Diploma from Hun Sen Wat Svay High School.
 Swahap was born and raised Siem Reap in a household of seven siblings. He married to Mrs. Seng Lyone in 2017, who works as a Marketing Staff at Go Global School.